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Information security is often ignored function but it is as much important as user productivity for any organization. An efficient, dynamic and vigilant IT security practice helps you prevent loss or theft of your information assets, regulate compliance and respond to the threats efficiently.

  • How it Works

    Manage Governance, Risk & Compliance

    Our Cloud Architects and Secutity Conusltants will work with your Architects to design highly available, scalable, secure and cost optimized design for your application.

    Infrastructure Automation and Management

    Robust, Scalable and Secure Infra design backed by 4 years of experience and 200+ VMs. We use terraform to deploy the infraon the remote cloud, which is more flexible and saves time and effort. CI/CD tools along with containerization is used to offer you seamless and effortless experience.

    Software Configuration and Management

    Open Source Software is easy to setup and extremely difficult to configure and manage at Production scale. We are open source Software setup, configuration and management experts. Knowledge about that one flag in the configuration file which can make the data/system vulnerable is critical, you can bank on us for setting the flag right. We help in implementing software seamlessly using automation tools such as Anisble, Puppet, Chef.

    Our Team, In Sync With Yours.

    We know exactly where you're coming from. With us, you'll always know who you'll get: a single point of contact, right here in Delhi, speaking native English, available during Indian business hours.

    Our team brings years of deployment expertise, along with Infra planning, so we're always on the same page.

    We Work The Way You Do.

    No new account needed here! We manage projects via email and are glad to chat/call. We love the tools you already use: Dropbox, Google Drive, MS office and Skype, to name a few.

    We're flexible to create a streamlined handoff process for you as an extension of your team.

    We Keep Our Word, So There's No Surprises.

    We provide firm quotes & timelines upfront, so you can plan at ease. Our team has been working together in DevOps industry for years - we know you expect competitive pricing, top quality, and 100% confidentiality. Those old services aren't what they used to be. Freelancers can be unreliable. Don't settle - our team has thousands of projects under its belt.

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