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Enterprise information security requires precision and higly vigilant approach. As the modern organizations grows their cyber footprint the threats increase exponentially.
Solicon provides Information Security Management as a service (ISMaaS) that are catered to your specific requirement and employs supervigilant approach to Information security services.

  • How it Works

    InfoSec Strategy And Approach Consulting

    Solicon’s Security Operation Centers (SOCs) Management services provide real-time protection to organizations, leading to reduced risks. Solicon offers a balanced approach, compliance, ready security, techno-centric focus, and flexible models of delivery to customers globally. The security service offerings are provided together in order to deal with a wide range of security operations in a customer’s infrastructure environment. The Information Security Managed Services includes security solution monitoring, security solution management, managed endpoint security services, anti-phishing, and anti-malware services.

    InfoSec Management

    The standard solutions covered include routers, unified threat management (UTM), firewall, VPN, proxy server/appliance, and end-point security solution. The other devices or systems covered include systems (UNIX or Wintel), web server applications, database servers, IAM solution, AAA servers, email security, and antivirus. As a managed security service provider, Solicon offers 24×7 monitoring and management of security devices, databases, servers, network devices, endpoints, and applications using Solicon leading industry solutions in order to make sure threats are identified in near real-time.

    InfoSec Deployment

    Within a robust IP network, every device, including firewalls and servers, creates logs on the traffic carried, the activities conducted, and transactions made. This information is crucial to secure an enterprise network. However, the monitoring of a multitude of devices and their events regularly can be a daunting task. A key driver of outsourcing security services is to adhere to regulatory and compliance needs and to lower expenses. Organizations must defend themselves against emerging threats while ensuring business continuity with the help of a reliable managed security service providers.

    Our Team, In Sync With Yours.

    We know exactly where you're coming from. With us, you'll always know who you'll get: a single point of contact, right here in Delhi, speaking native English, available during Indian business hours.

    Our team brings years of deployment expertise, along with Infra planning, so we're always on the same page.

    We Work The Way You Do.

    No new account needed here! We manage projects via email and are glad to chat/call. We love the tools you already use: Dropbox, Google Drive, MS office and Skype, to name a few.

    We're flexible to create a streamlined handoff process for you as an extension of your team.

    We Keep Our Word, So There's No Surprises.

    We provide firm quotes & timelines upfront, so you can plan at ease. Our team has been working together in DevOps industry for years - we know you expect competitive pricing, top quality, and 100% confidentiality. Those old services aren't what they used to be. Freelancers can be unreliable. Don't settle - our team has thousands of projects under its belt.

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